Custom Website

Custom Website

An online presence for your business gives customers a whole new way to find you. But our websites can help you turn those browsers into buyers—and with our help, it's easy! We provide a comprehensive system that takes care of every detail so you get a professional-looking site that's designed to maximize search engine hits.




Present your business in the best light with the right kind of online content and provide the right contact information so your customers can reach you the most effective ways.



Best-in-class layout and design procedures keep viewers engaged, and help turn browsers into customers.



We handle the whole process for you, from acquisition of a URL to construction, hosting and support, and best of all, we get your site live quickly.



A variety of important usage data - traffic counts, time on site, conversion metrics, etc. - help you keep a close eye on your online business.

Website Services

Core Offerings

We go beyond just website design; we deliver a complete online solution that drives real results. Your site can be built with technologically advanced features to provide a more engaging experience for the viewer while providing more detailed tracking functions for you.

The basics and beyond:

  • Minimum of 5 pages
  • Professional website design and expert copywriting
  • 12 free content updates annually
  • Search engine optimized
  • Unique URL & Email address
  • Dashboard
  • Video
  • Interactive Map
  • Online Coupons
  • Call tracking numbers
  • Berry Digital AdVantageSM
  • No upfront design fees
  • Wide variety of design styles and layouts


The Internet has transformed business in countless ways — but none more significantly than E-commerce. You can dramatically expand your potential customer base and keep operating costs down thanks to the ability to sell goods and services online.

We offer a Web store solution that can grow right along with your business, and make it easy to set up your own E-commerce account. We protect both you and your clients by utilizing the highest security standards and partnering with the most recognized electronic payment processors.

Traffic Reporting

The best way to track the effectiveness of your website is to monitor traffic patterns and user behavior. We provide the necessary tools to track views, impressions and unique visitors, as well as more sophisticated functions like average time spent on site, click-through rates and other conversion metrics.

Free Consultation

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Contact a CenturyLink account specialist to find the right solution for your business.

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